Small Flower Budget? Make The Most Of It With These 3 Tips

When choosing your wedding florals on a tight budget, it can be hard to come up with flower ideas that are truly "wow-worthy." But the good news is that even simple, inexpensive flowers can be given an extra boost to help them look beautiful and catch everyone's eye. 

Light Them

Throw some interesting light on your flowers to help bring them to life. For table centerpieces, adding something as simple as tea lights or a pillar candle can add an instant air of romance or old-fashioned tradition. If you have a larger venue, you could even use a couple of strategic colored spotlights to give your head table or cake table dramatic lighting. Small white string lights woven into the greenery of an arch or the ceremony stage give even basic flowers or plants that extra pop.  

Change Shapes

Depending on what type of theme you have, you can change the flowers from traditional shapes (such as a tight bouquet) to interesting new ones. Bouquets can be loosened up to form oval or heart shapes rather than the traditional circle, or you can add flowers like red hanging amaranthus to drape down from the main bunch. Make any bouquet more interesting by adding non-floral elements that give it some additional dimension or size—things like feathers, fake crystals, beads or even small twigs. 

Choose Great Colors

Rather than focus on the type of flower, look for interesting or bold colors instead. Tall, monochromatic or single-type arrangements of nearly any flower can create drama in any table centerpiece. And bright colors—such as blues, reds or oranges—go a long way to drawing guests' attention away from the particular type of flower underneath that great color. 

If you still want a particular color of flowers, you can often find less-expensive alternatives to traditional wedding flower choices. For example, if you want a beautiful red bouquet but can't afford a big bunch of red roses, why not try a bunch of red chrysanthemums packed tightly together instead? By making theses cheaper flowers into a monochromatic, formal bouquet and adding a few special elements like crystals or beading, you can get that eye-catching red bouquet for much less. 

By thinking outside the box—including accessories like lighting, non-floral elements or less expensive flower alternatives—you can create wedding flower arrangements that your guests will love and remember. Visit websites of local florists, such as, to find the right flowers for your big day.